About Me

SnapSold Founder

Hi there,

My name is Greg Ichshenko, and I'm into futures trading since 2008. I've studied and practiced different theories from Bolinger, Williams, to Fibonacci, Elliot, and Gann. I went through several trainings on psychological aspects of trading and took a few personally/individual coachings from experienced traders.

In the last 10 years, I've learned, analyzed and tested over 100 different strategies and trading methods: from the classical chart patterns to complicated footprint models.

I've been combining several trading strategies with the intention to find the Graal. After months of analysis I was finding weak areas in my system, researching and learning more, adjusting my strategy, testing analyzing it again, and again, and again until I was overwhelmed and exhausted by ideas. I was pausing for a few weeks and ultimately pulled myself away from trading to recover mentally.

Then one day I could find a new strategy, new idea, and the cycle was repeating again and again...

At one point, I realized that I know too much and that knowledge is hurting my trading results. My decisions on trades became affected by signals and filters from too many strategies. I started filtering profitable trades with high potentials and buying/selling obvious signals with high-risk ratio. I caught myself on that I'm experiencing "Casino" feelings, which is not right from the business perspective.

Just about a year ago, I started building and testing automated trading algorithms, which allowed me to avoid the psychological aspect of my trading. It has been a long year with its mistakes, fails and losses, but I didn't drop my hands, and now I'm ready and happy to represent my automated trading algorithm SnapSold to public.


Everything starts with an idea.


It all depends on the analysis, and what steps to take to turn the idea into reality.


The algorithm is clear path from the idea to reality.